It may sound easy, but being thankful for each and every little thing that comes your way, isn’t.

Gratitude is the quickest, easiest practice to take charge of anything in your life you want to change. Being grateful for the things you want, whether seen or not will bring more to be thankful for.


Even the stuff you don’t like is showing you what you are attracting, so be thankful that now you know what you don’t want. Clearly, that is progress!

Today, say “thank you” for everything. Even if you have to choke on the words. Say “thank you” all day long. Thank everyone and everything that comes into your experience.

If you can’t think of something to be thankful for, think of the air you breathe and every comfort you have around you. Every event, every ability, every person you encounter is an opportunity to learn about yourself.

Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom Cover

The book, “Pearls of Wisdom,” which I have had the priviledge of being involved in, with 29 other great authors is being released on April 1st and is available for pre-sale currently at Amazon.

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BE -Inspired!

Following Your Instincts

We all occasionally get a sense that we should do something odd, random or unexpected. What we do with that impulse, can sometimes change life completely as we know it. I am privileged to have heard many of these stories, this one stands out as inspiring as the man who shared it.

Just as James was heading out the door for a weekend seminar he thought to put the flute that he had not played for four years in the back of his car. This seemed a random thought, but he grabbed it and tossed it on the top of his suitcase. Little did he know that as part of this purpose workshop, he and the other participants would be given a unique challenge.

Participants were put into teams at about 8
o’clock in the evening. To complete the challenge, the instructions were that each team member would find a random audience to perform for, create an impromptu performance of some talent, and earn some form of payment from the audience. The teams were together to provide support and witness to this individual challenge. The last instruction was to return to the workshop the next morning by 9 o’clock with the payment to explain the project and share what you learned from it.

James was delighted that he brought his flute, and though a bit rusty, he found an outdoor mall and began playing. His team members encouraged the audience to pay James and he got some coins, a guitar pick, a paper clip, barrettes and other forms of payment including the business card of a restaurant manager who was interested in hiring him for a weekly gig. The lesson James learned was that as an engineer, he was not expressing all of himself in his job and was seeking ways to live the other areas of his authentic purpose.

James took that job playing the flute and began finding ways to use his art on a regular basis to bring joy and peace to others. He joined the worship band at his church and added just the sound they needed. During the holiday season especially, he remained solidly booked playing carols and standards. James followed his impulse which led him to the self-expression and contribution that was lacking in his life.
Imagine the possibilities of following your impulses. You never know where it might lead.

Update on Propelling Practices

Yipee! This book is in round 3 of The Next Top Author contest and we are down to 25 amazing authors! The contest panel has extended voting throughout rounds 3 and 4 so there is still a chance for you to vote.To read more free chapters they are on the website and my resources page available for download.

Thanks for voting and telling your friends to vote I know you will love this resource.

What else is new? Wouldn’t you like to know! I have got a few new things coming down the pike so stay tuned!

BE -innovative

Create a great birthday!

Here’s a propelling practice for you today in honor of my birthday. Create a great day for yourself on your birthday. Plan something, acknowledge yourself, tell people it is your birthday! People want to honor you on your day, they just don’t always remember; tell them!

The point is to create a great memory for yourself. I’m currently in New York City for my very first visit. I can’t really express what a great trip it has been, full of surprises! But I can tell you, I don’t worry about being forgotten on my birthday because I tell everyone when it is, and I create fun for myself.

Life is what you make it and I’m making it great, you can too!

BE- enjoying!

Round Three!

Thanks to all who voted and prayed for my book to win a book publishing contract! I just found out that I have been chosen for round three. If you haven’t checked out the free chapters I still have them available on the resource page and more are coming next week.

An Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day friends!

BE -Blessed

Confession of a Personality and Systems

I am an analytical expressive personality type. Like the driver I want to get the job done, yet I want it fun and to include all of my friends. Like the amiable I want everyone to be happy, yet be happy doing things this way. Like the analytical details, figures and being tidy is important, just not as important as being fun, spontaneous and inclusive. I am an anomaly; I want my organized detailed life to be fun and spontaneous, or vice versa.

Enter the systems. I learned very young in life I needed systems and structures to function. Without systems I am disorganized and without organization I feel stressed. If I am doing too many new things or in too many new environments, I am going to be stressed. I recently spent some time doing new things, making some big moves and changes in my life and finding and creating systems to maintain these things. A food plan, exercise plan and a weekly schedule are all examples of a system. The way I choose a to-do list over a calendar is a system.

So what systems keep you in check? Are you a list person, binder person, calendar person? Do you keep assignments in subject binders or all together in a weekly binder? How do you run your schedule? Do you keep track of classes/appointments/ meetings daily, weekly or monthly? Spending some time looking at your systems may be key in bringing more space in your life.

BE –calm

New Chapter Available

I just uploaded my book proposal for the contest after advancing to the second round. If you haven’t voted please visit the contest site and vote for my book in this publishing contest.

I have also put a pdf of another sample chapter in the resouces page here on my website. Enjoy this!

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