Purpose and Vision Coaching with Excellence Art Learning Systems a company dedicated to implementing the ‘Personal Excellence Program.’  Excellence, Values and Personal and Family Growth are topics addressed here.

Coaching is a partnership relationship,based in respect and empowerment of the individual person or family being coached. Articles here will focus on creating awareness and discovery.

Purpose and Vision coaching focuses on defining your life purpose and how your current vision aligns with purpose and personal values. By making decisions with a greater sense of purpose and vision positive results are easier to attain.

Academic Coaching is for those in school looking to get better grades or scores on exams. It is also for students with learning disabilities that find themselves transitioning into new situations in school such as College or University. We help clients access resources to assist them in successfully navigating academia. See Academic Coaching for more information.

Special Education is a topic here as well. Individual Education Plan (IEP) coaching is available to parents of students with Learning disabilities or other special needs. Coaching focuses on the student, family and school partnership, family life experience, as well as academics. See IEP Coaching for more information

The Ten Rules are values adopted by the Tao of Shaolin to live a disciplined happy life. Everyone lives by their values, even if they are not defined. We only hope by defining and teaching positive values that our community will benefit.

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