Chocolate? Flowers? Intentions

I set an intention to attract some chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

There was no reason to expect that I would actually get chocolate as a gift, with no Valentine in sight. I just expected it would happen and sure enough a pound of See’s Candy found its way to me This Valentine’s Day and was the delight of my day.

Setting an intention is clearly deciding and declaring what experience I want to have or create. When I set an intention and then let go of what I expect it to look like, I can really enjoy what unfolds to meet that intention, appreciate the people and experiences that happen around my intention and allow myself to be amazed by the result.

In contrast, an expectation sets me up to be let down, projecting what I want in the future to have things “my way.” The problem for me is that “my way” does not always create the best experiences for myself and others long term. It is more of a short term sense of what pleases me and benefits me, and is selfish. Expectations set up our relationships for disappointment and failure because of inherent selfishness.

Setting intentions sets me up to be delighted with amazing serendipities that show up in my life. Try it!

BE -intentional

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