Confession of a Personality and Systems

I am an analytical expressive personality type. Like the driver I want to get the job done, yet I want it fun and to include all of my friends. Like the amiable I want everyone to be happy, yet be happy doing things this way. Like the analytical details, figures and being tidy is important, just not as important as being fun, spontaneous and inclusive. I am an anomaly; I want my organized detailed life to be fun and spontaneous, or vice versa.

Enter the systems. I learned very young in life I needed systems and structures to function. Without systems I am disorganized and without organization I feel stressed. If I am doing too many new things or in too many new environments, I am going to be stressed. I recently spent some time doing new things, making some big moves and changes in my life and finding and creating systems to maintain these things. A food plan, exercise plan and a weekly schedule are all examples of a system. The way I choose a to-do list over a calendar is a system.

So what systems keep you in check? Are you a list person, binder person, calendar person? Do you keep assignments in subject binders or all together in a weekly binder? How do you run your schedule? Do you keep track of classes/appointments/ meetings daily, weekly or monthly? Spending some time looking at your systems may be key in bringing more space in your life.

BE –calm

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