Being in Ownership -Montel Williams

Listening to an interview with Montel Williams this morning I was struck by his resiliency. Montel was diagnosed with MS seven years ago and has begun LIVING with MS, while not letting MS dominate his life. He is a model for others who have struggles to overcome both physically and emotionally. His new book has many tips on emotionally owning your own happiness.

My biggest take away from this interview in Success Magazine’s CD companion was the thought that “I alone own who I am.” Montel said this about creating his life, and living his life with the events he has been given. He is a personal example that it is not what happens to us in life it is our response to what happens that governs how it will impact our life.

Montel says that he doesn’t care what people think of him, only what he thinks… he’ll worry what other people think about who he is later down the line. Right now he is in ownership of all that he is and does with his life from his radio shows, books and TV shows and he chooses to be an inspiration to others. For Montel it has been a journey of self discovery, and wellness practices that impact the world. Check out his books on wellness at

 BE –in ownership of who you are.

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