Big Game Day

Today is the big game that everyone looks forward to all year. Folks gather around big screens, in homes, hotel lobbies and bars to watch the Superbowl. People who don’t even enjoy football, watch for the newest commercials, wonderful half-time shows and entertainment value. We spend all of this time preparing food and fun for a great time! I have a wager on the game today and I am excited to spend time with friends.

It got me to thinking… this week I have helped a number of people prepare their life purpose. Through doing that, they have found meaning and direction and several have finished applications for college on their way to their Big Game. Now that I am clear on my purpose and helping others find theirs I realize, this is my BiGGer GaME! So what’s your “Big Game?”

Are you waiting to watch the “BIG GAME?” or are you playing your own “BIG GAME?” If you want to get clear on your purpose and vision and get started playing the Big Game you were meant for… I’m hear to help! Call or email me now! In the in between, have fun today and



One Response to Big Game Day

  1. Dear Leslie,
    You are truly playing the big game and you are an amazing teammate. when you enjoy the game your playing you play great. When you love the game you play, you play it your best. keep doing what you love, you do make a difference.
    Hugs Larry

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