Character and the Balance Board

During this election year I am sure we are going to hear a lot about character. What is it? If we have character in one area yet not in another, is that character? I been reading about a thing I like to call balanced character. That is a character that is not unbalanced in a way that creates weakness.

If I have say strict discipline that is usually seen as a good character trait. However if I take this too far I can become inflexible and rigid and that can be a bad character trait. So I want to balance being disciplined with being flexible.

I want to balance being proactive and getting things done, with being caring and involved. True character comes with a balance of character traits, not just isolated ones. If we take a look at some of our character traits, we may find some imbalance and hypocrisy choosing to add some balance to them can be a good thing.

Anyone heard of tough love before?


BE (Being in Excellence)