Chocolate? Flowers? Intentions

I set an intention to attract some chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

There was no reason to expect that I would actually get chocolate as a gift, with no Valentine in sight. I just expected it would happen and sure enough a pound of See’s Candy found its way to me This Valentine’s Day and was the delight of my day.

Setting an intention is clearly deciding and declaring what experience I want to have or create. When I set an intention and then let go of what I expect it to look like, I can really enjoy what unfolds to meet that intention, appreciate the people and experiences that happen around my intention and allow myself to be amazed by the result.

In contrast, an expectation sets me up to be let down, projecting what I want in the future to have things “my way.” The problem for me is that “my way” does not always create the best experiences for myself and others long term. It is more of a short term sense of what pleases me and benefits me, and is selfish. Expectations set up our relationships for disappointment and failure because of inherent selfishness.

Setting intentions sets me up to be delighted with amazing serendipities that show up in my life. Try it!

BE -intentional

Vote for My Upcoming Book

Hi Friends,

Propelling Practices is finally on it’s way to being not just an idea, dream or inspiration, but a published book. I have entered it into a contest and would like you to go and vote for it!

Thanks for reading, thanks for watching, for your confidence in me and my work.

Also, please send a link and a request on my behalf to your friends and family asking for their vote as well. This is a wonderful project that I feel privileged and honored to bring to the world. It is my deepest gift of contribution and love.

BE -voting =-)

Empty Hands


San Jose Airport Parking Mural

I’ve been dreaming of hands lately, just empty hands. Interestingly I drove by the parking structure of San Jose’s Airport and low I spotted giant hands all over the structure. I hope epiphanies make you stop and think too, I was brought back to an excerpt of a piece I wrote about a few years ago: Transcending Fear.

Karate, according to Terrence Webster-Doyle, as his book is so aptly named is ‘the art of empty self.’[1] One learns through Karate to empty oneself of fear by the discovery of self and by the emptying of oneself. The emptied self is the loving self and the self without an agenda.

Karate literally means “empty hands.” This can mean many things to people. To most it means that the hands hold no weapon. If we look deeper, the hands hold nothing, so there is nothing to take from them. The hands are empty and thus open. If you watch someone in anger and fear, their hands clench into fists. Closed hands are for fighting, defending or hoarding. Open, empty hands are for receiving, giving and embracing. Thus the deeper meaning of Karate is the empty, open hands of giving and receiving fully with no fear of scarcity or lack.

[1]Karate: The Art of Empty Self, Webster-Doyle, Terrence  ©1989

Big Game Day

Today is the big game that everyone looks forward to all year. Folks gather around big screens, in homes, hotel lobbies and bars to watch the Superbowl. People who don’t even enjoy football, watch for the newest commercials, wonderful half-time shows and entertainment value. We spend all of this time preparing food and fun for a great time! I have a wager on the game today and I am excited to spend time with friends.

It got me to thinking… this week I have helped a number of people prepare their life purpose. Through doing that, they have found meaning and direction and several have finished applications for college on their way to their Big Game. Now that I am clear on my purpose and helping others find theirs I realize, this is my BiGGer GaME! So what’s your “Big Game?”

Are you waiting to watch the “BIG GAME?” or are you playing your own “BIG GAME?” If you want to get clear on your purpose and vision and get started playing the Big Game you were meant for… I’m hear to help! Call or email me now! In the in between, have fun today and



Character and the Balance Board

During this election year I am sure we are going to hear a lot about character. What is it? If we have character in one area yet not in another, is that character? I been reading about a thing I like to call balanced character. That is a character that is not unbalanced in a way that creates weakness.

If I have say strict discipline that is usually seen as a good character trait. However if I take this too far I can become inflexible and rigid and that can be a bad character trait. So I want to balance being disciplined with being flexible.

I want to balance being proactive and getting things done, with being caring and involved. True character comes with a balance of character traits, not just isolated ones. If we take a look at some of our character traits, we may find some imbalance and hypocrisy choosing to add some balance to them can be a good thing.

Anyone heard of tough love before?


BE (Being in Excellence)

Relaxation and Energy

As I look around and study the universe, I notice it is in a constant motion! Who supplies all that energy to the universe? From the tiniest atoms, to the largest galaxies, everything is in motion with electrical, chemical or gravimetric energy. Energy permeates everything, including our bodies. So the question is, with the price of fuel currently, how can I have more energy and more power to accomplish the things that I am here on this planet in motion to accomplish?

Due to a struggle that I had with Chronic Fatigue years ago I read all I can about physical energy. What my research has revealed is that relaxation plays a large part in the energy process. I am not talking about being a couch potato. What I am speaking of is the release of muscle tension in the body. It seems relaxation plays a vital role, not only in health and longevity, but also in vitality (energy and well being)! Relaxation also plays a vital role in energy dispersion (power)! These are some of the things that draw people to study the softer parts of martial arts. So let us look at why and how energy and relaxation work together.

Notice how relaxed the swing of a great golfer or a great batter is. They make it look so easy! That is because the power swing, is an easy relaxed swing that projects great power on the ball. Look at Lorena Ochoa right now, she is a little tiny thing, yet she can drive the golf ball just as far as pro golfers much bigger and more powerful. It is because the power is not in the body weight or size of the swinger. Look at Bruce Lee; he was a powerful man very slight of stature.

Here in the middle of baseball season if you notice a batter trying, or if you are out there batting yourself and you try to slam the ball into a home-run, nine times out of 10 you will miss the ball completely or hit it off center. This is because of muscle tension and the anticipation of crushing the ball. Relaxed power is more power. Some of our martial arts training is geared to accomplish relaxation, peace and harmony.

Sometimes we are tempted to take less seriously this portion of our training. I see students doing less than their best on things like stretching and breathing exercises. Just as in the example above, in the long run, this will limit us in precisely the areas we want to develop, power and strength. Isaiah 40: 29-31 says, “He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

I have narrowed down seven ways to focus on relaxation to increase our personal power quotient. 1. Practice slow, deep breathing techniques. 2. Practice some form of exercise daily. 3. Practice renewing your mind. 4. Practice prayer and meditation 5. Practice silence 6. Practice surrender of negative emotions. 7. Plan your work and work your plan.

More on these things will follow in Part 2


BE -peaceful