Coaching Services

What is Coaching?

Coaching is about assisting people to move forward in their lives to create the results they want – using all of the resources they have. It is a way of being with people in posing powerful questions about what they want out of life, within their families and careers and what they can do to create it.

It is not about giving advice or telling people what they need to do or projecting judgments onto others. Coaching is most effective when working with individuals, families or businesses when involved in change, i.e., managing adolescent issues, business or career changes, goal achievement, health changes. Coaching assists in providing clarity and designing the frameworks that will best support an environment of change and growth.

Excellence Art Learning Systems coaches are trained in ontological coaching with the philosophy that people possess the potential and the possibility for being in their life naturally, effectively and positively. Coaching is a powerful and proven relationship of change. When applied, the coaching process stimulates a person to see answers to questions like; “What do I want to create?” “Where do I need to put more focus and energy?” “What will my success look like?”

Coaching for Possibilities

Coaching is a proven, effective method for assisting individuals and groups (corporations/families) to achieve their goals, dreams and possibilities. In the last five years, coaching has developed into a proven profession….outside of sports. Coaches are expanding in many different domains around the world as people look to create outstanding results. The coaching process stimulates clients to seek answers to questions, such as: What do I want my life/my job/my career to be? What do I need to do to create that result? What results would I have from this effort?

The Quantum Coaching you’ll receive is based on ontology, the study of being. Most coaching focuses on “coaching for results” around a specific set of life goals. Ontologically-based coaching IS about results and clarity setting goals. However, Quantum Coaches also work with people to assist them shift the way they are “being” by including and emphasizing mind-body-spirit. Performance Coaching is not designed as a personal growth experience; rather, participants experience personal growth as one of the outcomes.

Ontologically-based coaches assist their clients in every step along the Be-Do-Have path. By helping them clarify their deep sense of self (Be), they have greater clarity around who they are. In preparing them to take powerful actions (Do), they obtain the results (Have) that fulfill them in their life. The practices developed in ontologically-based coaching plans assist adults by helping them alter their worldview. It makes integrating life changes possible and ensures continued success beyond the specific areas addressed in the coaching plan.