Academic/ Transition Coaching

Coaching for High School and Young Adults:

Academic Coaching  is designed to create a plan for partnering with the student and their goals inside and outside the school environment,  to create future independence. With high school students a plan is developed to assist parents and their student in transitioning from school to independence and various life goals.

Here are some benefits of creating an individual purpose statement:

  • Save thousands of dollars in college tuition and fees
  • Shave a year or two off of your education time
  • Create a meaningful career aligned with who you are
  • Have a framework for decision making
  • Have a launch pad for visions and goals
  • Increase Confidence
  • Increase internal motivation
  • Strengthen personal boundaries
  • Create momentum and daily energy
  • Gain lift over personal barriers
  • Unlock inspiration and ideas
  • Innovate new strategies
  • Maintain personal development
  • Groom leadership qualities
  • Connect in fulfilling relationships and partnerships
  • Learn to work smarter not harder
  • Create direction in the face of adversity
  • Maintain a life of integrity

Students in college, work with a coach to establish purpose and vision for their career plans and practices that assist with the transition into trade school, college or university life. Coaching assists students in finding necessary resources to support their educational plans including financial resources.

A transition plan is developed in order to assist students transitioning from being students to the work force and greater independence. Coaching assists these students to establish meaningful work goals, job searching, placement, interviewing skills and job coaching.