Purpose and Vision Coaching

10 Weeks to Finding Fulfillment

In my ten week program you will discover a life purpose that is aligned with your authentic being. Knowing your purpose is empowering. Victor Frankel speaks eloquently about how having a meaningful purpose made the difference for those who survived German Internment camps during the holocaust. What would be open to you, in your life if you clearly knew your life purpose? Here are some benefits of living a life with purpose:

  • Save thousands of dollars in college tuition and fees
  • Shave a year or two off of your education time
  • Create a meaningful career aligned with who you are
  • Have a framework for decision making
  • Have a launch pad for visions and goals
  • Increase Confidence
  • Increase internal motivation
  • Strengthen personal boundaries
  • Create momentum and daily energy
  • Gain lift over personal barriers
  • Unlock inspiration and ideas
  • Innovate new strategies
  • Maintain personal development
  • Groom leadership qualities
  • Connect in fulfilling relationships and partnerships
  • Learn to work smarter not harder
  • Create direction in the face of adversity
  • Maintain a life of integrity

Purpose and Vision coaching will be a series of practices that help you isolate those things that bring meaning to your life and draft them into a personal purpose statement. Then you will set a vision for your future that is aligned with your purpose and creates a life that you love and is aligned with your personal values, career values and what truly gives you a sense of meaning.

Wondering which path to take will not be a problem once you are clear on your purpose there will be one choice hat is most aligned with your purpose, vision and values.  Decisions become almost effortless, opinions about what you should do no longer add confusion. With a clear sense of purpose, vision and values you only have to look within to make choices that best serve you.

Join me on a 10 week journey of purpose